A chestnut surprise

A couple of weeks before Catalyst came into the world, I received an e-mail from a dear friend asking if I would consider taking on another stallion. My instant reaction? No, I have three mares and two boys already, why would I want another one? She believed this one was special (and I have nothing but the utmost respect for her opinion) and he was in danger of being gelded.

But, I started thinking. Cavalier is at the end of his career, Catalyst is young, and my only show mare was injured and no longer able to compete. Thus, I didn't have a horse I could campaign at the national level for a while. So I thought, what could it hurt to look?

Well, no one ever "just looks" and he looked beautiful from the photos. He had beaten warmbloods and won a championship at a USDF show in hand. His foals were even more impressive, demonstrating his strong ability as a sire ad they too had wins at USDF shows. Plus, urging from my better half made things hard to resist. So, a few weeks later I had a big chestnut horse on a trailer headed my way.

I was sure I was crazy. An 8 year old stallion not even started under saddle as a show prospect??? I certainly was anxious waiting for him. I thought I had made a huge mistake, it was too late to change my mind.

But, when he stepped off the trailer all of those fears went away. He was just stunning. He had a long, slender neck, a nearly infallible body, extreme type, and an unmistakable presence.

Within a few weeks we had three outside mares bred to him and I was planning our entry into the show ring. From there, Breeze was named champion in halter, a winner in SHIH, he went onto regionals where he was Reserve Champion in one division, Top 3 in another, and then he finished off the season 11th at nationals (by .7 points) and 4th under one judge. In 2010 we hit Scottsdale and without a trainer he was named Top 6 in SHIH Open, Top 6 in SHIH ATH, and top 10 Halter AOTH.

Not to mention, he proved a great mount under saddle and was gentle enough for me to start without a trainer.

He always liked jumping, though, so we let him have a try over fences. A local trainer took him over his first fence and he showed promise.

Then we took him to Wilson Dennehy who agreed.

Breeze is now headed to Sport Horse Nationals 2010 in Idaho to compete in Power and Speed Jumpers, Jumpers Open, SHIH Open, and SHIH ATH.

Future plans include main ring competition at the national level in AO Halter and AOTR hunter pleasure in addition to dressage. He has nowhere to go but up as both a show horse and a sire.

As far as my research has shown, no horse has ever won a title in halter in Scottsdale and a national jumping title in the same year. Breeze will be the first :).


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