Struggling to find the next generation- Catalyst MLM

The search for a great junior colt began in 2003 when I began searching for the perfect complement to RB Cavalier to produce a great son to carry on his legacy in the Arabian horse community. I leased many mares, two of which were unable to conceive due to reproductive issues, one of which passed away 10 days overdue on an operating table due to serve colic, and one of which produced a beautiful colt for me.

That colt was the incomparable Candescent MLM, an athletic and typey boy with tons of personality. Candescent came out a bright candy red and my mother was instantly smitten with him. After two years of her continually asserting her affection for the little guy, I gave him to her as a mother's day gift. He will now pursue a career in racing and eventually become her mount. She has hopes he will go onto a national level career in sport horse after he races for a couple of seasons.

Her acquisition of Candescent promises a legacy in the show arena for Cavalier, but left Cavalier with the prospect (since Candescent may be gelded) of no "heir apparent" once again.

That's when I met the beautiful Sefit En Raa, one of the daughters of *Ali Atik still in the US. Raa is a gorgeous black mare with a small star. Crossed to Cavalier she promised consistency in phenotype and genotype, and would produce the only Al Khamsa, Blue List, American Foundation Bred foal by RB Cavalier and would secure his legacy within the preservation groups. Plus, she was black and the beautiful color can't hurt :).

Well, after Raa became mine, she produced the colt I had been dreaming of for so long: Catalyst MLM. He was everything I ever wanted, except he came out chestnut. It was nature's little joke, I guess. The only 2 foals by Cavalier since 2003 to be any color besides black were my little guys, one chestnut, one gray.

Even with the shocking color, the little guy stole my heart. He is the spitting image of his sire in every way, and has his personality. He is gentle, submissive, and easy to handle. Not to mention, he has his sire's powerful movement.
His show career will not begin until next year when he is a 2 year old and begins his Sport Horse In Hand pursuit geared towards Sport Horse Nationals. Watching him grow has been very fun and he embodies the Bedouin horse in every way.


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