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Hi and thanks for stopping by! I'm an Arabian horse enthusiast, exhibitor, and breeder that has been involved with the breed since 2002 when I purchased my first Arabian, RB Cavalier. Since then I've gone through the growing pains of trying to establish a small breeding program with high quality horses geared towards sport horse disciplines.

I am, however, what some would call a bit unlucky. Why? I've managed to produce 100% colts since I produced my first foal in 2008... so I'm 4 for 4. Working with the boys is a lot of fun, but I wouldn't mind a filly now and then. However, I can't say that there's ever a dull moment when you have a non-horsey life, maintain a breeding program, and show your own horses.

So I have created this blog to share the adventures of my five boys, their training, show results, personalities, trials, and triumphs. In addition, I hope any amateurs or aspiring breeders will enjoy following all of the ups and downs of stallion ownership and promotion.

Since three of these "boys" are youngsters, I'll be sharing any tough decisions made along the way as many if not most young colts don't deserve to stay stallions. And although my boys look great now, they are still growing and developing. I do believe that beautiful colts make incredible geldings and I won't be sorry if any of the youngsters end up losing their boy parts.

The next few blog posts will introduce all 5 of the boys:
RB Cavalier- 1991 black stallion and resident since 2002
AO Breeze- 2001 chestnut stallion and resident since 2009
Catalyst MLM- 2009 chestnut colt
Caalypso MLM- May 3, 2010 gray colt
Booster- un-named son of RB Cavalier born July 30th, 2010


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