Breeze takes a Reserve National Championship

As an exhibitor of Arabian horses, there is always a far off dream of achieving National success. I never thought that I would have a National winner, let alone a Reserve National Championship with one of my adult stallions.

Typically, experience has the advantage in the ring and with Breeze having only 30 days consistently with a trainer, it would be reasonable to assume that the other horses in the Open Jumpers division would be more competitive.

But thanks to the skill of his rider, his trainer's knowledge, and Breeze's innate talent he was able to conquer the course. He was one of only two horses that made it to the jump off round and came in second to a seasoned show horse.

And afterwards we enjoyed a party... complete with "sea breezes".

It was the win of a lifetime and Breeze is now back at home, enjoying trail rides and preparing for his spring show season. We missed all of his energy and enthusiasm- not that Cavalier isn't a ton of fun, but Breeze fills a room with his personality and is enjoying "working for a living", we can't wait to get him back in the ring!


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