RB Cavalier: The Stallion that Started It All

In 2002, as a 14 year old girl, I decided to purchase an Arabian horse. That's when I met RB Cavalier. Some would say it was a bit crazy for a young girl to have a stallion, but Cavalier is a unique individual.
He's a rarity in so many ways, but his temperament is what made him the most logical choice for my first Arabian show horse. He is forgiving, gentle, and mild-mannered. In fact, he is so easy going that many people are shocked to learn he is a stallion at all. He is a true gentleman and has a powerful, old world look that has made him an asset to breeders seeking substance, movement, and temperament.

Cavalier is also part of a shrinking bloodline within the Arabian horse. He is Al Khamsa, Blue List, Asil, 88.5% AFB, and has a line to the famed *Turfa, who was noted for her incredible trotting ability. (*Turfa pictured at right)

Cavalier is one of the only a few Al Khamsa sons of Arabi Fadh Onyx currently producing, and is arguably his most look alike son. Onyx was a tall, powerful stallion who passed away at the age of 25. He was prepotent for his look and sweet nature. (Arabi Fadh Onyx pictured at left)

Cavalier began his show career in western pleasure with me in 2003 and together we collected numerous championships and reserves in western pleasure. We competed at the National Level and beat multiple national champions across all age divisions of amateurs.

In 2006 Cavalier suffered an accident at a trainer's facility and nearly died after sustaining 6 broken ribs and a punctured lung. After a year of recovery, we hit the ring again without a trainer and won another championship in western pleasure before starting a career together in SH.

He shined in his career as a SH winning many titles and is now at the end of his show career at a sagely 19. He will be celebrating his retirement at a special celebration this fall in Colorado. He has achieved the following in his career exclusively with me as his rider/handler:
2010 Region 8 Reserve Champion SHIH Stallions (over a national champion!)
2010 Region 8 Reserve Champion SHIH ATH Stallions
2010 Region 8 Top 5 (3rd) SHUS ATR
2009 Region 8 Champion SHIH Stallions
2009 Region 8 Champion SHIH ATH Stallions
2007 Region 9 Top 5 (4th) SHIH ATH
11 Champs/Reserves in Western Pleasure
Champion Liberty
Reserve Champion Halter
Sport Horse Show Hack winner

Cavalier has his own website at: http://www.rbcavalier.com/ and will be making appearances on this blog as well. You can also find him on Facebook.


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