The Newest Colt Curses

When I leased TA Caarlie (*Kordelas x TA Caapria by Algonkwin) and WWA Hilary (Majestic Bey x Bint Bay Rose by Bey Shah) I envisioned producing my first two beautiful fillies, but I'm incapable of producing girls. Of course, when I produce boys of this caliber, it's impossible to be disappointed.

This year I welcomed pure polish Caalypso, son of 2 time Reserve National Champion dressage stallion TA Monet+/ (*Gazal Al Shaqab x *Marieta by Arbil) and TA Caarlie. Bred with the help and expertise of Dick and Christine Reed of Toskhara Arabians, this little colt exceeded expectations.

I knew that I loved *Kordelas when I met him in 2003 and had always wanted one of his descendants for my own program and show string. When I had the opportunity to cross a stunning *Kordelas daughter to a son of one of my favorite stallions of all time, *Gazal Al Shaqab, I jumped at the opportunity and could not be happier. Caalypso has quite the personality and we are excited to watch him mature.

Casanova MLM, the second foal we welcomed this year, weathered a difficult pregnancy during which his dam contracted pigeon fever and delivered our little boy 3 weeks early. I was worried that our little boy would struggle, but boy were we wrong. He is strong, confident, large, powerful, and unbelievably kind like his sire and did we mention that he's black? He is going to make a phenomenal show horse and friend with his gentle nature.
Casanova is the first foal that represents our goal of producing foals that combine popular bloodlines of today, with powerful foundation bloodlines. Our hop is that the bloodlines can provide a stronger platform for outcrossing for future generations. He is the product of attempting to solidify Cavalier's legacy while diversifying the greater gene pool and we couldn't be happier. 

It will be fun to watch these little ones grow up and see how they eventually mature as stallions or fabulous performance geldings.


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