10 rules for stallion management

 There are many guidelines to proper stallion management and these guidelines can help keep you safe. However, when it comes to being around a stallion like Cavalier, I've been known to break a few rules.

I managed to break these 10 in less than an hour. I should probably know better by now.

1. Never put your lips near a stallion's mouth.

2. Never expect a stallion to stay put.
3. Never gallop towards a pasture full of mares with a human in the way.
4. Never ride a stallion without shoes.

5. Never fall asleep while handling a stallion.
6. Always follow proper riding etiquette; maintain proper form and posture.

7. Never allow a stallion to fall behind you while leading him.

8. While handling a stallion, ensure that he has your complete attention.
9. Never sit on the ground in the same enclosure as a stallion.

10. Don't "horse around", stallions are simply too dangerous to not take seriously.


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